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At Moppity Vineyards, we have embraced the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard. We attempt to promote the "somewhereness" of our site. There's nothing generic about our wines; they reflect their unique geographic origins.  Our wines are the ultimate expression of the soil and micro-climate of our site. They are different from the wines of other regions and different from the wines of other Hilltops producers. Every effort is made in the vineyard to promote fruit quality. Minimal irrigation, bunch-thinning and careful pruning ensures low yields of highly concentrated fruit - providing wines of great flavour intensity and regional and varietal distinction.

The original plantings are over 37 years old and are some of the oldest vines in southern New South Wales. Our Reserve wines are typically sourced from the old, gnarly, low-yielding vines. These old boys don't deliver much fruit but it's wonderfully concentrated. As they say: old vines make great wines!

The vineyard is situated on dark red volcanic granitic clays, impregnated with basalt. We have 170 acres under vine spread over 450 acres of undulating terrain. Plantings include shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, nebbiolo, chardonnay, riesling, semillon and viognier. There are multiple clones of each variety (for example we grow five different shiraz clones), and each features distinct qualities.  The result is a tremendous diversity in wine style depending on site, aspect, soil type and vine clone.

The Hilltops climate is cool to moderate. Summer rainfall is low, so we can control vigour and optimise flavour development. We generally have the benefit of a long, even ripening period - this supports flavour and colour development and underpins the intensity of our wines. Although early spring frost is an issue in the district, the Moppity Vineyards are sited on undulating terrain, ensuring adequate frost drainage.